Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th January 2019 | Nimrats Smart Move | Written Episode Update

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th January 2019

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th January 2019 Episode begins with Kulfi upset about flawless’ take and Nimrat cheerful about the brisk partition,

Nimrat had seen Sikander leave and tails him and sees him searching for kulfi and discovers her and gets extremely energized

What’s more, says this is a decent chance to be a saint in eyes of Sikander.

Nimrat had discovered Sikanders versatile after kulfis and his unsettling influence and, messages flawless to see him on the patio,

Nimrat thinks Kulfi will enable us to draw near and after that I will enable nobody to approach me.

Kulfi strolls to Sikander, sees him in tears and upset however couldn’t get over that he didn’t spare her and prevents herself from cleaning his tears,

Sikander recalls how dependably kulfi was there for him,

Sikander says don’t do this Kulfi.

I realize I have given you nothing, you believed me yet I gave you nothing, that scene is dependably in

front of my eyes, the train was moving toward you and I could do nothing,

I merit no satisfaction and my discipline is I will never have a family all abandon me and go and will be distant from everyone else,

Kulfi flees,

Sikander says don’t remain here Kulfi, remain here converse with me admonish me talk your heart however don’t be peaceful,

Nimrat thinks only a couple of days and I will be a major part of your life and it will be you me and bliss and nobody else.

Kulfi discloses to Nimrat when I close my eyes I simply observe the train drawing closer,

Nimrat says don’t cry nothing will occur,

Kulfi thinks even I suspected as much however my dad didn’t spare me,

Nimrat says I realize you can’t see him along these lines and would prefer not to see his family discrete, however consider his life as well,

He ought to have somebody who is for him, gives him joy,

Kulfi says however Lovely doesn’t care for me,

Nimrat says that is unrealistic, I Love you so much, that I feel you ought to be my little girl, Nimrats girl kulfi,

Nimrat thinks tomorrow I need to work a great deal to indicate kulfi I will be useful for Sikander

Kulfi awakens to Nimrats Bhajan,

What’s more, says who is this singing and exits and sees Nimrat singing and sees her mom, and acknowledges it was a fantasy,

Kulfi hears music again and says what is this occurrence and runs out and sees her mom singing and says how is this event,

What’s more, slaps herself to wake up,

Sikander strolls to them, and others join too.

Gunjan grins seeing everybody loving Nimrat, Kulfi thinks Ma use to sing this,

Sikander thinks Nimi use to sing this consistently.

Nimrat completes her bhajan, and gives everybody Prasad,

Kulfi seeing her mom in Nimrat, and gets exceptionally upbeat seeing her and Sikander together,

Kulfi sees Nimrat and acknowledges it was her creative ability,

Bebe says after so long we had such great begin,

Gunjan says so right,

Nimrat says all God’s effortlessness and I arranged morning meals to we should go.

Bebe says this, anybody coming,

Nimrat says I made this for you and I arranged Pini,

Kulfi says I cherish it and Sikander as well,

Kulfi gets energized and says we both can end eat perpetually, and after that he has stomach throbs,

Nimrat supposes you are so guiltless kulfi I know this,

Kulfi acknowledges she is angry with Sikander and stays silent.

Nimrat says cmon on the off chance that he loves it so much for what reason don’t you offer it to him, extreme gives him the bowl,

Sikander picks one, everybody eats, Sikander says it was delectable Nimi.

Bebe discloses to Mohendar I can’t see him like this, again Sikander and flawless battled,

Nimrat says cmon issues continue coming yet family is critical, and

I don’t comprehend why young ladies carry on thusly if the spouse is her so is his family,

Bebe says Nimi you are so great, you will make your in-laws extremely upbeat.

Kulfi leaves.

Gunjan says exquisite ought to be similar to Nimrat I wished Sikander had a spouse like Nimrats,

Nimrat recording everything and gets exceptionally energized.

Kulfi strolls to Nimrat and sniffles, not realizing she is recording,

Nimrat gets alert and asks did you like breakfast,

Kulfi leaves.

Nimrat sends video to stunning informing your great wisher and says now this will do all my work.

Stunning sees the video and gets furious, and says mother was correct, these individuals need me out and it’s everything their arrangement and leaves.

Sees Nimrat at entryway

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th January 2019 Episode End…

Precap: Sikander on exchange process thinking about dazzling’s words, and how he wasn’t there for kulfi. Sikander tumbles off the treadmill.

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