Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th January 2019 | Nimrats Plan Successful | Written Episode Update

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th January 2019

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th January 2019 Episode Start With Lovely observes video sent by Nimrat and says mother was correct these individuals abhor me and need me out of Sikanders life,

Lovely goes to entryway and discovers Nimrat,

Nimrat says sorry I realize you don’t care for me yet I’m here on the grounds that I care for you,

Sikander misses you, and entire family is concerned,

Lovely says out,

Nimrat says say terrible regarding me I’m nobody to you yet your significant other,

Lovely says I comprehend what you are upto, attempting to be companions with me to supplant me in my home,

Nimrat says I’m only your guest,I’m will leave soon,

Lovely says you will leave at this moment,

Nimrat deliberately gets into contention,

Lovely leaves,

Leaving portable in Nimrats hand,

Nimrat erases the video.

Nimrat pursues lovely,

Lovely returns home and begins offending Bebe Mohendar and gunjan,

Kulfi exits as well,

Lovely says disgrace on you three,

one night and you as of now have begun imagining about nimrat and Sikander,

sikander exits, and asks what’s going on,

Lovely says ask your family, and goes gets nimrats stuff out,

sikander asks what are you upto,

Lovely says you need her to have my spot, you are here for this right,

sikander says enough right,

Nimrat says I’m sad I will leave,

Lovely says great out,

Nimrat says thank you however I can’t generally be a piece of this strain,

Lovely says great get out,

All get into a contention.

Sikander yells all enough,

Nimrat says don’t battle I’m leaving,

Kulfi my dear I’m leaving remain cheerful and gunjan didi remain together joy and fellowship executes all pity and I’m sad for all that occurred.

Nimrats says kulfi I needed to sing with you play around with you and be with you adore you however I should leave,

Lovely says enough of exchanges and get out with your stuff.

Kulfi strolls to Sikander and holds his hand and says you said you will give me whatever I will request,

Sikander says yes my dear,

Kulfi says don’t release her, stop her,

Sikander wipes kulfis tears and says nobody is going,

Lovely says now Kulfi will choose who remains in our home.

Sikander says what our home, didn’t you say yesterday everything is finished, when there is no connection you have surrendered all rights, no family no one,you can go to your home at this point,

Nimrat thinks thank you Kulfi you are benefiting it, and Lovely came to show me out yet got kicked,

Lovely gets irate and leaves.

Lovely expressions of remorse to Amyra for taking her on tracks, and says don’t despise me,if you do nobody will love me I will be isolated,

Amyra embraces her and says don’t cry mother I adore you.

Kulfi conversing with her mother and enlightens her concerning the morning contention, and asks did I do well, and says I loved Lovely yet she took Amyra on tracks in the event that somebody would get injured,

She ought to have comprehended that kids are to be taken consideration off, as you did, or Nimrat Masi does, she takes such a great amount of consideration of me, encourages me, takes care of me,

Answer me Ma did I do well.

Sikander running in treadmill,

Irate reasoning about nimi, and afterward marriage with lovely, at that point how he met Kulfi, challenges and satisfaction they shared,

Sikander continues expanding speed, pondering their separation and Amyras care, and after that kulfis railroad track episode.

Sikander misses a stage and tumbles down,

Kulfi races to him and sees him fallen and oblivious,

Mohendar pursues, and others.

Sikander has taken to the emergency clinic,

Mohendar says Bebe don’t stress all will be fine,

Specialist checks his reports,

Nimrat thinks god imagine a scenario in which something transpires, no I should think positive.

Specialist strolls to everybody and lets them know Sikander isn’t in great condition he had a heart assault, he is basic.

Kulfi says you are lying right,

I didn’t converse with me, thus he is playing around with me,

The specialist says he isn’t playing he isn’t fine,

Kulfi says you had spared me,

Spare him as well,

I simply have him what will I manage without him,

Reveal to him I’m never again irate,

I guarantee I will converse with him,

The specialist says I guarantee I will spare me and you go implore god.

Specialist begins treating Sikander.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th January 2019 Ends…


Sikander strolls in activity theater and says baba wake up and if something transpires, even I will bite the dust, Sikander doesn’t react, Kulfi goes oblivious.

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