Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28 Feb episode starts with maji says yours injury will be fine by tomorrow, rest now, everyone wishes great night and dozes, Kulfi likewise does as such. Kulfi covers herself with cover and says I’m missing you Baba yet you don’t stress over me, all are great here, yet it’s new here so I’m thinking that its peculiar, god realizes when will I get my Walkman and I can hear you sing, Kulfi awakens terrified. Kulfi drops glasses while having water and sees no young lady woke up and expels covers and sees there’s nobody in the room, and says where did everybody go, Kulfi exits to search for everyone,Kulfi says I’m so terrified if wish Baba was here, she hears a few voices.

Everybody together and sharing nourishment they stole,Kulfi pursues the voices. Sikander viewing cctv film for pieces of information to discover kulfi. Kulfi gets inside the room

what’s more, sees nobody however nourishment on the bed, and says there’s sustenance here yet where are others, ama strolls in. Sikander finds the subtleties from where vehicle was reserved, and searches for subtleties on web. Ama strolls to kulfi and says I detest criminal’s and still you stole, you will be rebuffed 164, Kulfi says I’m not lying, I realize taking is terrible, Ama says don’t contend you will be rebuffed now. Ama wakes rajan,sleeping in kitchen and says today entire kitchen will be cleaned by 164, go demonstrate that you will concur what your master says, I need everything clean regardless of whether you must be conscious throughout the night, Rajan glad and says thank you, clean everything and leaves, Kulfi says for what reason does life experience school give such disciplines, Rajan thinks that its odd yet flees to clean Ama room.

Kulfi says I will do everything, my baba sent me here in light of the fact that it’s a decent spot, I’m his lioness. Sikander in overhang says kulfi your baba is with you and I’ll see you soon, I simply supplicate your cheerful where you are, I wish you were here, I would embrace you so tight. Kulfi begins working. Sikander sings, missing kulfi.kulfi very tired,and nods off.

Sikander visits taxi administration and asks who booked it and where, proprietor says Abdul left yesterday, a man comes in and says I discovered stuff this in Abdul’s taxi, Sikander finds kulfis pin and toll receipt. Kulfi awakens and says gracious god I rested and the entire work is remaining yet I can’t free expectation like baba said and begins working once more, she cleans every one of the vessels. What’s more, entire kitchen.

Sikander strolls to lovely and approaches her for her telephone, Lovely says no, sikander grabs it, and requests secret key, Lovely inquires as to why, sikander says in the event that you don’t you have no clue what I will do, lovely opens the telephone, sikander says wow erased every one of your logs however don’t stress it is difficult to stop me. Everybody sees kulfi sing and clean the entire kitchen and are astounded, Ama thinking gets irritated.

The written update of 28 February 2019 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode full story ends.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1 March 2019 Precap : 
Lovely says Sikander you are all about kulfi, don’t you care amyra is unwell. Sikander says shut up Kulfi is coming back and that’s final. Kulfi asks Rajan for food, Ama says give her, Rajan gives her loads of food,Ama says you won’t leave this place till you finish it all.

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Details

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is a new show on Star Plus which will be produced by Gul Khan and Gorky’s 4 Lions Films. 4 Lions Films in collaboration with Producers Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot (Invictus T Mediaworks) will bring a new show on Star Plus which will be based on popular Bengali show, “Potol Kumar Gaanwala” on Star Jalsa.

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