Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 31st January 2019 | Sikanders Outrageous Move | Full Written Episode

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 31st January 2019

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 31st January 2019 Episode starts with Sikander says I loved just a single young lady and that is my Nimi, and I left her and on the off chance that you can recover her I will begin to look all starry eyed at once more, and once that won’t occur so won’t love,

Nimrat strolls to Sikander and says new squeezed orange,

Sikander says thank you I don’t need,

Nimrat says my name is nimrat, call me by my name I might want that,

Kulfi pursues her and inquires as to for what reason are you crying,

Nimrat says don’t stress I’m fine,

Kulfi says you felt awful due to Sikander,

Nimrat says when we are conceived what thing we get first,

Kulfi says mother,

Nimrat says mother isn’t a thing,

However, our name, it’s our character, and Sikander never calls be my name as though denying my personality, and if calls me by my name even I will feel plain here, and leaves, Kulfi says she is so sweet she felt awful yet at the same time isn’t irate and needs to keep him upbeat as I do,

Gunjan hears them and says now I realize how to persuade Sikander for marriage.

Gunjan oiling kulfis hair, says kulfi Sikander needs somebody in life as well, and it’s nimrat who can deal with him and no one but you can persuade him, he supposes he doesn’t merit bliss,

Kulfi says that is impractical,

I will converse with him, Bebe and Mohendar stroll in and state you are our last expectation,

Mohendar says I generally demonstrated to him the correct track however today I require your assistance,

Kulfi asks in what manner will I,

Bebe says come here,

Sikander loves us a ton yet lives for you, he will never say no to you, so please converse with him for our sake,

Kulfi says on the off chance that all of you need I will.

Lovely endeavoring to cheer Amyra,

Amyra says mother I need my father my previous lifestyle,

Lovely says we can’t do anything,

Amyra says are you cheerful without father, this life isn’t great, I loathe it,

Lovely says quiet down amyra, don’t cry,

Amyra says I need you together and on the off chance that you would prefer not to for what reason did you acquire me this world,

Lovely says I will attempt yet you kindly don’t cry.

Sikander checking kulfis homework, and says well done,

Kulfi says you settle on such great choices for me,

Sikander says you are my princess won’t I consider your great,

Kulfi says and I love you as well thus even I thought something for you,

Sikander asks what is it,

Kulfi says first guarantee you will concur,

Sikander says guarantee,

Kulfi says I need you to settle with Nimrat,

Nimrat strolls in with Veena and hears that,

Sikander sees her get cheerful and leave,

Kulfi says you guaranteed so will you wed her.

Lovely in chats with Apoorva says do as I state, simply accompany me to Sikander and make such authoritative records so I can get some time and afterward I realize what I need to do in that time,

I have given 7 years I won’t let this end along these lines.

Sikander chides everybody for putting marriage thing in kulfis mind,

Kulfi says quit reproving them,and let me know don’t you have the right to be cheerful, you realize you are the power to our light, it would be ideal if you comprehend, on the off chance that you aren’t glad we aren’t as well, you don’t consider yourself so we do, you merit satisfaction and we as a whole trust you will be content with her thus please concur,

Lovely strolls in and says wow Kulfi, 7 years and you making arrangements with my better half, quit playing these traps and who showed you, somebody here or from chiroli,

Sikander says enough,

Lovely says you keep very,

Kulfi says I’m sad I did this to keep him glad, in the event that you holler at him he will be vexed once more,

Lovely says quiets down who requesting that you talk in the middle,

Sikander says I did, Lovely says OK I’m sad come ruin my life,

Sikander says what’s going on you come and continue battling,

Lovely says don’t me and amyra exist, it’s everything her arrangement to come here through us out and make family with Sikander, you are a toxin, similar to a revile,

Sikander says enough lovely.

Sikander says lovely enough what’s up with you,

Lovely says so Apoorva would he be able to Marry once the separation, if it’s not too much trouble reveal to him it’s not possible,have you instructed about Lovely and Amyra,

Sikander says I ask of you keep very,

Lovely says why dependably restricts for me, do you have any, and your family promising you to continue wedding you, and Apoorva was correct you act to be honest,

You are a characterless individual and this nimrat, did you advise her, I will do the distinctions,

Hi nimrat sikanders new spouse, he loves himself so much won’t take a gander at you, and will continue pointing the finger at you,

He will get individuals at home like Kulfi and afterward you will pass on hanging tight for him and after that he will get exhausted of you and wed another person,

Who will wed such individual,

Nimrat says I will wed.

Lovely says stunning, come here, do wed and call me if it’s not too much trouble

Sikander says what you believe I’m characterless,

I may be and the reason is you, I’m awful spouse you aren’t a decent wife either,

I can be great spouse on the off chance that I locate a decent accomplice however not with you,

Thus I will wed Nimrat and give myself a shot.

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