Naagin 3 16th March 2019 Written Episode Update

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Today’s Nagin 3 16 March episode starts with Juhi getting stressed when she couldn’t change her symbol and comprehends it is going on as a result of the jug. Huzur returns home. Yuvi advises that he went to her room. Huzur asks how could you and holds his neck. Yuvi tells that he saw Juhi in her room and tells that he saw Krish with Bela. Huzur says I requested that he go close Bela. Yuvi says something isn’t right and asks who hitched Bela. He says I am getting distraught. Huzur says indeed, and says I requested that he go close Bela and asks when did he see him with Bela. Yuvi says couple of hours back. Huzur thinks Bela was in cavern then who was here. Bela and Mahir return home. She says she has satisfied two conditions today and would like to satisfy the third one. She gets some information about Kuhu and infant. He says he sent them with Boltu. Juhi attempts to turn into

mahir, however can’t. Huzur and Yuvi go to the room. Juhi is taking cover behind the window ornaments. Huzur pulls the blinds. Juhi as Mahir shocks her. Huzur asks Yuvi to see the other Krish who is going from that point. Yuvi says she is Juhi, yet Huzur sees Mahir. She asks Mahir/Juhi to accompany her and says he has gone frantic. Bela signs Juhi. Vish and Bela go to huzur’s room and endeavor to get some answers concerning the fluid. Vish says I will check it. Bela says I think about it and says Juhi couldn’t change her symbol along these lines. She says I am astounded as no one can get this jaadi buti with the exception of… She reveals to Vish this will not occur.

Huzur comes to eat with her better half’s hand and asks Sumitra to bring the morning meal. Yuvi says I may tell everybody, except no one will trust me. Mahir comes there. Huzur inquires as to for what reason did you wear garments like Mahir. Juhi as Krish advises that he needed to befuddle Bela and that is the reason worn comparative garments. Rohini and Alek see Juhi in Krish’s symbol and gets stunned. Mahir comes there and gets some information about Bela. Huzur says how would we know, and requests that he sit and eat. Huzur asks Sumitra to bring breakfast. Rohini and Alek request that her see. Huzur inquires as to whether they are flushed. Mahir says they are having headache. Sumitra asks Huzur to test them. Huzur solicits both from them to get up. Alek and Rohini talk that both are shams. Huzur says now we will realize who is genuine. Vikrant comes to room and inquires as to whether they came to know anything. Bela demonstrates the fluid. Vish says why they need her not to change her symbol. Vikrant says with the goal that they can undoubtedly control her. Bela says I need to drink this to know their central goal, why they are behind Naagrani, while endeavoring to get Naagmani.

Huzur asks Mahir and Krish to get up. Mahir says I need to accomplish something different juhi’s reality will turn out. Huzur demonstrates the ring which Hukum gave her. Rohini gets some information about the cost. Huzur reprimands her and tells that the ring is mysterious, and he will see his genuine face utilizing it. Mahir is going to leave and says she needs to see her significant other’s face and not me. Yuvi attempts to stop him. Mahir falls on the turn box and switches off lights. He swaps himself with Juhi. Yuvi asks how could you fall. Huzur peruses the mantras and says he is my better half Krish. Yuvi tells that they probably swapped with one another. Mahir draws close to Huzur and says I am not a trick to leave hot young lady like her, and go to Bela. He says we can eat in our room. Huzur asks Sumitra to acquire breakfast their room. Sumitra gets annoyed. Yuvi thinks what’s going on. Juhi meets bela and Vish and tell that she just smelled it and after that she couldn’t change her symbol. Vish says she had quite recently smelled, yet you needed to drink. Bela says today is the day of choice, and says you need to remain as Mahir for few days, and after that I will comprehend what is Hukum’s arrangement. Bela inquires as to whether he comprehends what to do. Vikrant says yes.

Huzur asks Mahir to make Bela drink the enchanted fluid. Mahir says I will make her beverage and asks what is her arrangement. Huzur says Hukum and I have arranged something important which will destroy her life. She attempts to kiss him. Mahir says he needs to proceed to make her beverage the fluid. Vish tells bela that today around evening time is perilous night. Bela says today is the choice night. Vish requests that her reconsider. Bela says I left everything on Bhole naath and says today equity will occur, today itself. Sumitra asks Alek and Rohini to go out for today around evening time. Rohini asks where we will go? Huzur says we need all the house to be emptied for what we will do. Alek and Rohini inquire as to why she isn’t asking Sumitra and Yuvi. Huzur says they need to do her work. She gets some information about Kuhu. Yuvi says I sent her to Boltu’s home. Huzur asks Alek and Rohini to go. They leave. Huzur asks Sumitra to do her work. Sumitra inquires as to whether I am your Servant? Huzur says yes. Yuvi says we will do and reveals to Sumitra that they are amazing, today is exceptional night for Hukum.

Huzur reveals to Mahir that this evening they will join with one another. She asks Mahir for what reason is he shying, as she will feel modest. Mahir gets strained. Bela takes a gander at them. Vikrant comes there and signs Bela. He takes symbol of Hukum’s man and reveals to Huzur that Hukum called her as Bela got away from cavern. Huzur says how she can escape from the enchanted flame and says doubtlessly somebody helped us and asks who is he? Vikrant says I don’t have the foggiest idea, Hukum requested that I give you message. She leaves. Bela comes to Mahir and praises on him. Mahir says I was not doing anything. They come to room. Mahir tells Bela and Vish that they will not go anyplace. Vish says I will be there with her. mahir says you are not looking worried for her. Bela says it was her arrangement and not Vish’s arrangement. She says Vikrant and Vish will be with her and tells that people can’t go there, yet we need to go there and uncover them. She says I won’t hazard my life and will consider you, and won’t move toward becoming courageous woman this time. Mahir inquires as to whether there is any issue at that point. Bela says I will run off at that point… Mahir requests guarantee.

Bela guarantees him and embraces him. Tune plays… … primary tumko bhool na pawungi plays… .Vish discloses to them that she is feeling desirous and says I trust if Vikrant thinks about me this much. Mahir says you are Naag and naagin and can spare one another, however I can’t ensure Bela. Bela says who advised that and says you need to remain in Boltu’s home and secure Kuhu and her little girl. Vish and Bela leaves. Huzur and Vikrant are en route. Huzur asks where are they going? Vikrant says where hukum called us. Huzur inquires as to why Hukum changed the spot. Vikrant says you know well that no one inquiries on Hukum’s expressions and says in the event that she don’t acknowledge his request, at that point the outcomes will be awful. Huzur says results will be terrible for you.

Bela and Vish are heading off to the mountain precipice to think about the fluid mystery. Vish gets some information about her arrangement. Bela says you will know the least. Vish requests that where go? Bela takes a gander at the container and says left side. Vish says I am drained. Huzur says we are coming to Sumeru mountain and asks where is Hukum. Vikrant says he may come. Bela discloses to Vish that counterfeit Ruhi came to there. Vish asks what Vikrant is doing this and says the air here is hazardous for us. Bela says I won’t set aside some effort to do my work. She takes huzur’s camouflage. Vish gets some information about her arrangement and says you had said that you will drink fluid. Bela says she considered it and after that idea they don’t have the foggiest idea what the outcomes will be. Vish inquires as to whether Vikrant knows her arrangement. Bela says Vikrant thinks about it. Vish gets resentful and says just I don’t have the foggiest idea. Bela comes there as hukum. Huzur asks did you call me here? Vikrant says he is stating that he is exceptionally angry with you. Huzur inquires as to for what reason is he not conversing with me. Vikrant says he is extremely angry with you. Huzur asks by what means can Bela escape from the mysterious flame. Vikrant says you can’t address him and inquires as to whether she recalls what was the intend to make Bela drink the enchanted fluid.

Huzur says I recall and says today around evening time Hukum will get physical with Bela. Bela is stunned. Huzur says from that point forward, your beneficiary will be conceived, and as a result of your and Naagrani’s forces, andhkasur will be conceived. Bela is stunned. Huzur says no one can battle with his cruel and wickedness powers. She says that is the reason I took Ruhi’s symbol, got hitched to Mahir’s twin. Vikrant says how this mission will be satisfied now and accuses her. Huzur says how me..when genuine Hukum comes there and cuts Huzur. She blacks out. He hits Vikrant and he tumbles down. Hukum holds Bela and says you will never be effective. Bela requests that her abandon her and calls him shoddy man. He says he is a fallen angel and not human. He makes her beverage the enchanted beverage. Hukum says no one can spare you from me, you will end up being Andkasur’s mom. Bela expels Hukum’s get up and battles with him. Vikrant gets up and endeavors to battle with him. Hukum’s men hold Vikrant. Huzur asks Bela to acknowledge rout and says you can’t change your symbol now. Bela pushes him and calls him frantic, who supposes he can control icchadhari naagin. She says she can’t take any symbol, however can at present take her other symbol. She turns out to be half human. Hukum requests that her see Vish and Vikrant. Hukum’s men hold Vish and Vikrant. They leave Vikrant. Bela requests that they leave Vish. Hukum’s men encompass Bela and Vikrant. Bela looks on.

The written update of 16th March 2019 Naagin 3 episode story ends.

The written episode of season 3 Nagin episode:

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