Naagin 3 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Naagin 3 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Nagin 3 24 March episode starts with Bela. She gets frightened when she sees Hukum. Hukum states that everything is under his impact.

Bela says she generally realized that he was behind this. Hukum uncovers his arrangements through the evening.

Hukum demonstrates his human face to Bela. Bela slaps Hukum. Hukum gets stunned to see different Bela’s around him. Bela derides at him as he couldn’t distinguish genuine Bela now.

Hukum counters her by saying that he will locate the genuine Naagrani. All the Bela’s vanish.

Hukum utilizes his memento to discover genuine Bela. The memento takes Hukum to Bela. Hukum spells her and takes her alongside him.

Vikrant leaves his Bela symbol. Bela and Vikrant are certain that they have tricked Hukum. They scan for Vishaka in the house.

Hukum conveys Vishaka to a mystery place as she is in Bela’s symbol. Hukum states that he has impregnated Naagrani and now she will bring forth Andhkasur.

Hukum leaves. Vishaka comes in her genuine self. Bela discloses to Vikrant that she knows where Hukum has taken Vish.

Ritvik goes to Bultu’s room. Kuhu requests that he open the entryway. Ritvik states that he came here to discover Bela.

Mahir and Ritvik head towards haveli. Bela and Vikrant additionally go to the haveli looking for Vishaka.

Bela discovers Vishaka lying oblivious. Bela catches Hukum expressing that he impregnated her. Bela separated in tears contemplating Vish.

At the point when Hukum comes there, Bela rests in the bed concealing Vishaka. Hukum states that she is bearing his kid in her belly. He says that nobody in this world will almost certainly murder his kid.

Vikrant meets Mahir in the haveli. Vikrant addresses Ritvik as Hukum’s associate. Mahir underpins Ritvik. Vikrant discovers Vishaka in a room.

Sumitra and her pack get charmed to realize that Hukum satisfied his condition. Hukum’s men ask Sumitra to bring a few herbs from a mountain.

Vikrant questions Vishaka about Hukum. Bela comes there. Vish apologizes to him. Bela underpins Vishaka.

Vikrant reveals to Vishaka that he loves her a great deal and can never disregard her. Vikrant says he will murder Hukum. Mahir underpins Vikrant.

Bela stops them by saying that we can’t execute Hukum effectively. She says we need to make an arrangement to murder Hukum and Andhkasur.

Hukum asks Rohini and Yuvi to transform into Bela’s hirelings till Andhaka is conceived.

Bela is strained about Vishaka and Andhaka. Mahir comforts her. Mahir and Bela share charming minutes together. Bela converses with herself and apologizes by saying that she is concealing something from Mahir.

Vishaka calls Bela and illuminates her that Sumitra has called a specialist for a checkup.

The written update of 24th March 2019 Naagin 3 episode story ends.

The written episode of season 3 Nagin episode: 
Vishaka is confident that her child will be a good soul.

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