Read Naagin Season 3 16th February 2019 Full Written Episode Update Bela And Mahir Unite, But Sumitra Attempts To Burn Mahir Alive

Naagin Season 3 16th February 2019

Today’s Naagin Season 3 16th February 2019 Stars With Bela revealing to Mahir that she realizes he has numerous motivations to decline her and her love, yet then additionally she loves him. She says I love you. Mahir takes a gander at her. Abdominal muscle tum greetings toh hai… .plays… .Bela asks Mahir for what good reason is he annoyed with her and inquires as to whether in view of Vikrant. Mahir says your past life or naag or naagin of your life and says I am not envious of anybody and was actually passing on to hear this from you. He says Vish and Bela think about this. He says I need to let you know and says I love you, Bela… Song plays… .Ab tum hey toh ho… They have an embrace. Mahir says we people additionally love somebody for births and says even it is Naag or Naagin. Bela grins. Mahir says I won’t abandon you for 7 births and requests that her recollect. He says you opened your heart today and communicated your emotions. Bela says

somebody instructed me to do this. He asks what is her desire to push ahead? They kiss one another. Melody plays… ..Samaye ne ye kya kiya… … tumhe maine paa liye… Bela reveals to him that she realizes where to go and tells that Vish has masterminded. Mahir says for suhaagraat. Bela says truly? No and requests that he come. Vikrant is in the wilderness and messages Vish that there is one snake and one vulture tailing him. Vish messages that even one snake is behind her and it appears she is Rohini. Vikrant composes we should take a shot at our arrangement. Vish composes how about we make them exercise and make this wilderness as bhool bhulaiyya. Bela and Mahir go to the house. She takes it from under the dustbin. Mahir inquires as to whether somebody keeps dustbin here. Bela says nothing believes that it very well may be kept here. Mahir says amazing. Bela says she knows progressively amazing things.

Mahir jokes with her and inquires as to whether they battle by chance then he must be tranquil dreading she will chomp him. He says I wouldn’t fret to such an extent. He pulls her closer and says it is sentimental. Bela says how about we make it progressively sentimental. She says every one of the courses of action are improved the situation our welcome. Bela asks where is the washroom? Mahir hunts and advises her. She goes to the washroom. He additionally comes inside and says he needs to shower first. Bela puts water on him utilizing the water shower. Mahir tosses water on her. They remain under the shower. Mahir slips in the restroom and says it is love methodology. He asks Bela the end result for her hand and pulls her in the bath. He says I love you. Bela says bless your heart. She says what I will wear now, you made my saree wet.

Mahir requests that her wear the shirt kept there. Mahir puts on something else and inquires as to whether she was taking a gander at him. She says no. Mahir says you have one more alternative and says you will look brilliant in the towel. Bela requests that he go. Mahir turns out and sees the candles and the enrichments. He asks Bela to take as much time as is needed and lights the candles. Sanam Teri Kasam plays… .Mahir makes Bela wear little flower Tiara. She says the shirt is short. Mahir says it ought to have been shorter. Bela inquires as to whether he lit the blaze. He says indeed, utilizing stones. She says I love you and embraces him. Mahir says there is nothing to eat, however he made courses of action for something to drink. He gives her the glass. She says this isn’t tea. Mahir says this is schnaps. They state cheers and begin drinking.

Bela says she is getting the sentiment of a mountain and simply needs a snowfall. Ice tumbles down from the snow machine. Mahir and Bela appreciate the snow. She rests there. Mahir falls on her… ..pyaar de mujhe tu… ..plays… .Bela says this is so immaculate and says she simply needs him. Mahir evacuates his shirt and hangs over her. Bela says she constantly needed to be with him like this. He inquires as to whether I am not any more at that point. She praises all over. He covers themselves with the cover.

Sumitra and Alek are following Vishaka and supposes where she will go? Vish sees a truck, turns into a snake and gets inside the truck. Sumitra and Alek get annoyed. Vish messages him that she tricked them. Vikrant messages that she is keen, and composes that they are still behind him. Vish requests that he trick them and composes she has won from him.

Bela gets up in the first part of the day and asks Mahir to give her a chance to get up. He pulls her closer and requests that her quit gazing him. Bela says what to do, my significant other doesn’t take a gander at me, I need to gaze at him. Mahir gets up and says now I am taking a gander at you. He says you were wheezing throughout the night. Bela says you are lying and says no… .She covers herself with a cover and races to the washroom.

Mahir attempts to light the stove. Bela keeps the match stick. Mahir says I attempted to light it utilizing old strategy. He says there is nothing in the refrigerator. Bela gives him something to make and reveals to him that she will be back and have some work. Mahir inquires as to whether she is certain? Bela says she was not this much beyond any doubt previously. She embraces him. She says Vish will come here, yet I will precede her and after that we will go from here.7 Mahir says I love you. He requests that her state I love you as well and compromises to go exceptionally far on the off chance that she doesn’t state him I love you. Bela says alright and is going to go. Mahir requests that her tell. Bela says I love me..and says any place you go, I will look you. Mahir says you need to state I am sad at that point. Bela turns out, locks the entryway and says I love you as well.

She turns into a snake and leaves. Vish goes to the cabin and messages Vikrant, simply then Sumitra comes there and makes her telephone fall. She ends up human and tells that I realized that Vikrant will do likewise as you and says you would have seen who was driving the truck, and says he was my name and educated me. She holds Vish’s hand. Bela goes to the sanctuary and does puja. She goes to Bhole Naath and says you are Shiv and Shakti, this brahmand is a direct result of you, and we as a whole are your ansh. She says she came today to restore his protection. She says she is venturing into another existence where she needn’t bother with Naagmani, however she needs his favors as she can’t do anything without it. She says Mahir and I, both need your favors. She implores. Sanctuary chime rings.

Sumitra asks Vish, where are they? She says she is more dominant and canny than Bela. She inquires as to whether in this bill/cabin. She asks do you think somebody will come here for you. She says Vikrant may have come. Yuvi comes there. Rohini and Alek likewise come there, trailed by the vulture Amita. Alek says you are gotten. Sumitra says we will inconvenience her as she agitated us to settle the scores. Vish yells Bela. Sumitra chomps Vish and she tumbles down.

A blossom tumbles down on Bela’s hand. Bela says I got your consent and advises my progenitors used to move and express their sentiments. She says before leaving naag and naagin’s pavitra naag log, I would need to thank you once and for all. She keeps naagmani before bhole naath and moves. Vish gains cognizance and holds Amita’s neck and makes her tumble down. She at that point makes Rohini fall. Yuvi holds Vish’s neck and endeavors to choke out her. Bela moves holding Trishul. Vish gets powers. Alek hits her. Vish makes him fall and is going to chomp him, yet others spare him. Vish yells calling Bela. Sumitra turns into a snake and nibbles her. Vish tumbles down. Bela expresses gratitude toward Bhole naath for giving authorization for Mahir and her connection. Vish draws close to the window and asks Mahir to run. Mahir is stunned.

Simply then Sumitra comes inside and inquires as to whether his better half left, and inquires as to whether he makes his morning meal himself. Bela gives the Naagmani to Shiv ji and advises that she is coming to take Mahir, and supposes they don’t have to fear as she has his favors. Sumitra asks where is Bela? Mahir asks do you figure I will let you know. Sumitra says you don’t have the foggiest idea who am I? Mahir says whoever you are, yet you are not my mum. Sumitra acts and says she is changed. Mahir says for what reason are you doing this for a stone like Naagmani. Sumitra says I love it and requests that he tell where is Bela. Others bring Vish there. Vish requests that he run.

Sumitra holds Mahir’s neck and requests that he state. Mahir will not tell. Yuvi says they can’t believe that we think a stage in front of them. Sumitra says right. Alek says it must be in the house. Sumitra requests that they seek. Mahir says you won’t get the Naagmani. Sumitra says she won’t go with hardly a penny and will end his life. Mahir says you are vanquished from Bela and says you won’t get Naagmani. Alek and Yuvi come and tell that Naagmani isn’t here. Sumitra pushes Mahir and tells that she won’t go with next to nothing and turns into a half snake.

She suffocates Mahir with her snake tail. Vish asks Sumitra to abandon him and says he is your child. She approaches don’t you care for him. Sumitra says I care for him, a tad. She makes Vish tumbles down. Vish feels awful and is frail. Mahir yells Vishaka. Sumitra requests that he tell. He says never. Vish says you will get singed in hellfire. Sumitra says you gave me a smart thought and says you will kick the bucket today with flame. Bela is returning when she slips and sindoor tumbles down from her hand.

Sumitra assaults Mahir and says this is my protective love, your Naagin’s Maa mamta. Bela thinks this is abshagun, my sindoor tumbled down. She keeps running towards the house revealing to her that nothing has transpired. Sumitra makes a wooden table fall on Mahir. Mahir feels torment and tells that she will never get Naagmani. Sumitra questions him and asks what is the thing which can’t fly via air, can’t suffocate in water and can’t consume in flame. She says it is Naagmani. Sumitra asks what is her most loved thing which can be scorched in the flame.

Vish yells no. Sumitra says Vish realizes what is it and requests that her see tamasha. Vish requests that her leave Mahir. Sumitra gets lamp fuel oil kept there and pours around Mahir and on the wooden table/rack which is on Mahir’s stomach. She solicits Yuvi to do shuddikaran from the house. He pours lamp oil in the house. Bela is running and is en route. Mahir says you will bite the dust as well in the event that I did. Sumitra says we should see and requests that everybody state Swaha and consumes the match stick and put on the table. Everybody chuckles. Vish cries. Mahir is burst in the into flames. Sumitra requests that others take Vish from that point. Mahir shuts his eyes. Alek shuts the entryway

Naagin Season 3 17th February 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : 
Bela cries and says you can’t leave me Mahir ji. Vish and Vikrant see her crying and feel bad. Some black clothes men drag Bela somewhere.

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Naagin Season 3 Details

Naagin Season 3 is One of the TV’s most successful shows and. it is the story of naag and naagin love and revenge with full of drama and action, We all Naagin fans/viewers can’t keep calm and have to shout it out to everyone.

Star Cast :

  • Mouni Roy
  • Karishma Tanna
  • Surbhi Jyoti
  • Rajat Tokas
  • Anita Hassanandani
  • Chetan Hansraj
  • Pearl V Puri
  • Rakshanda Khan

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