Nazar 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedashri Loses the Baby

Nazar 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update on

The Nazar 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update starts with Vedsheree is running with infant. She sees stream and imagines that I need to cross it.

Family is holding consuming circle around Mohana to stop her. Chitali blacks out. Mohana says let me go, you cannot stop me.

Vedsheree says I cannot let Mohana succeed. I need to spare my child. She bounces in stream and begins crossing it.

Shekhar swoons also. Mohana says its Nishant and Avi remaining at this point.

Vedsheree loses child bunk in stream, it begins swimming without end. Vedshree endeavors to go to it.

Avi swoons as well. Mohana says Nishant I like you in torment. Nishant swoons also, hover evaporates around Mohana. She keeps running from that point.

Vedsheree swims however blacks out and begins suffocating. Infant bed wards off streaming. Mohana draws close to stream and says where did Vedsheree go?

Minister says to Saanvi

that animal is risky. Saanvi says Ganga doesnt realize that he is living there. Minister says we cannot go there. Saavni says we will call them here.

Piya and Ansh are trusting that family will accompany child. Piya says is our child in peril?

Family awakens and begins searching for Vedsheree. Avi says where will we discover her? Nishant says we ought to go where we will meet Piya. Shekhar sees Vedsheree lying close stream, they all raced to her. Vedsheree awakens and reviews how she lost infant in waterway. Vedsheree says I couldnt spare infant.

All relatives come to Ansh and Piya. Piya says where is child? they are generally quiet and look down. Piya says where is infant? state something. Vedsheree breakdowns and says I lost infant, pardon me, if it’s not too much trouble Mohana will murder infant, I couldn’t spare child. Piya breakdowns and cries. All relatives are harmed.

Ganga and her mom comes to Saanvi. Saanvi says I am sorry to learn you here, I need to reveal to you something. Mother says you misled me. Naman says there is an insidious animal in your home.

Nishant says possibly Mohana didn’t discover infant. Piya says I know where the waterway goes to. Ansh and Piya leave. Mohana stows away and conceives that let them discover infant and I will murder it.

Saanvi discloses to Ganga’s mom that your child is an underhanded animal. She says you intend to state that I didn’t bring forth him?

Vedsheree and family appeal to God for infant and Piya.

Piya and Ansh draw close to the waterway end. They glance around however don’t discover the infant. They go to take a gander at the opposite end.

Mother reveals to Saanvi that I received my child, I never told anybody, he is decent, he is no animal. The minister says he endeavored to execute. They all come in witch room.

Nazar 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update ends

Nazar 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update  Precap: Baby is flowing in the river and is about to fall down in the cyclone.

Nazar 14th February 2019 Powerd by Starplus

RadhaKrishn Details 

Nazar is an Indian television show on Star Plus which is being produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Film. The production house is famous for producing popular shows like Qubool Hai (Zee TV) and Ishqbaaz (Star Plus). The show is running on the daily format (Monday – Friday ) and will have Harsh Rajput as the male lead of Nazar serial.

Cast :

  • Harsh Rajput (as male lead character)
  • Smita Bansal (as a mother of male lead)
  • Jatin Bhardwaj
  • Shaan Grover
  • Vishnu Sharma
  • Amit Koushik
  • Ritu Chaudhary
  • Niyati Fatnani
  • Ashita Dhawan
  • Harsh Rajput

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