Nazar 20th February 2019 Written Update: Rudra Pratap save Rathods

Nazar 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Nazar 20 Feb episode starts with Rathods’ confronting vetalmritaki brutes. They achieve an impasse and wind up stayed with the mritakis

Before the monsters could assault Rathods’ somebody ensures them.

Ansh and Piya connect of the house and discover Sarpraaj securing the child. Ansh motivates hesitant to go into the house.

Ansh and Piya get passionate on taking their kid in their arms. In the interim, mritakis’ gone to that spot and assemble around the house.

The outsider presents himself as Rudra Pratap. He likewise tells that these mritakis’ slaughtered his significant other. Rudra Pratap tunes in to a lady cry.

Rudra Pratap gives all the relatives his firearms to shoot the mritakis’ to spare the lady.

Ansh and Piya venture out of the house with their kid. They ward off with the mritakis’ and fled from their range.

Rathods’, Nishant, and Rudra Pratap assault the mammoths by shooting shots on them.

Ansh tosses one of the mammoths in the water and discovers that they can’t confront the water. Ansh asks Piya to go in the water.

The mammoths drift around Ansh. Ansh utilizes his quality and kicks them away. Afterward, he likewise bounces into the water.

Rudra Pratap and others convey the woman to Rudra’s home. They inspire stunned to discover that she is Mohanna.

Before the monsters could assault Ansh and Piya in the water, Piya utilizes her Devik powers and showers water on them.

Mohanna says she will execute Ansh’s tyke. Rudra Pratap shoots Mohanna to deliver retribution from her for his better half’s demise.

Nishant ensures her by saying that in the event that she will bite the dust, she will end up being a mritaki.

Ansh calls Shekhar and advises that their kid is sheltered.

The written update of 20 February 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Nazar 21 February 2019 Precap:  Nishant and others try to move out of the Vetalmritaki chakra.

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Nazar Details 

Nazar is an Indian television show on Star Plus which is being produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Film. The production house is famous for producing popular shows like Qubool Hai (Zee TV) and Ishqbaaz (Star Plus). The show is running on the daily format (Monday – Friday ) and will have Harsh Rajput as the male lead of Nazar serial.

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