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Today’s Radha Krishna 19 Feb episode starts with Krishna asks Chandravali where did she gain her immense information from. Chandravali says from a holy person by serving him. He says let us eat. Kirtida says Chandravali is an amazing writer. Krishna demands her to present her sonnet and says even Balram Dau needs to hear her ballad. Chandravali begins ballad. Radha finishes it with a joke.

Krishna says a few people don’t have can’t comprehend ballad, so given us a chance to talk about while having sustenance. Balram approaches him and inquires as to why he is alarming Radha, she is irate. Krishna says Radha is disturbed by envy. Balram asks in what manner will he free Radha from desire. Krishna says he won’t uncover this time as Balram dependably uncovers their arrangement to other people. Radha checks nourishment utensils and asks Kirtida for what reason did not she set up her most loved dishes.. Kirtida

says when visitor arrives, we ought to set up visitor’s most loved nourishment. Krishna with Balram returns. Radha serves them all nourishment. Krishna appreciates nourishment lauding that Chandravali’s sustenance decision is extremely great. When completed, he offers Chandravali to demonstrate her Vrindavan. She concurs. Radha says let her completion nourishment. Krishna says she should likewise have sat with them and leaves with Chandravali.

Ayan sees Krishna’s companions playing and asks where is Krishna. Krishna goes by with Chandravali. Ayan welcomes her. Krishna says Ayan is Radha’s old companion, so he knows Radha’s cousin Chandravali. He takes Chandravali from that point. Ayan is diverted seeing Krishna’s consideration towards Chandravali. Balram insults Ayan on the off chance that he is delighted seeing Krishna with Chandravali rather than Radha, he recognizes what he implies. Ayan stands seething and pursues Chandravali and Krishna.

Krishna takes Chandravali to Vrindavan’s patio nursery and faculties Ayan tailing them. Ayan shrouds seeing Radha additionally tailing them. Chandravali says she didn’t see such a lovely patio nursery throughout everyday life. Krishna says till her eyes achieve, entire spot is Vrindavan and offers her organic product. She says it is extremely scrumptious. Krishna says even winged animals here are one of a kind. Radha watches them desirously. Krishna says this spot is so excellent in view of one individual. Chandravali asks who is it.

Krishna says Radha and proceeds with that once Radha’s feet fell on this ground, entire spot transformed into delightful greenery enclosure. Radha gets upbeat hearing that. Krishna keeps adulating Radha. Chandravali inquires as to whether he and Radha are companions or foes as Radha cautioned her against him. Krishna says Radha is a trick and she doesn’t have any cerebrum to think, so Chandravali ought not trouble. Radhha stands smoldering. Chandravali keeps addressing Krishna and inquires as to whether he and Radha are in love at that point. Krishna says no. Radha stands stunned hearing that…

Krishna gives moral gyaan that one must know individuals whom they consider narrow minded as they are not seen for a considerable length of time and come to them just when help is required, they get irate and consider not helping them, however they ought to dependably help individuals as individuals look for help just from capable individuals and one should be appreciative that god made them capable.

The written update of 19 February 2019 Radha Krishna episode story ends.

RadhaKrishn 19th February 2019 Precap:
Vishaka takes Radha to show Krishna dancing with Chandravali and Gopis. Radha thinks how could she not hear bansuri sound and how can Krishna dance without her.

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RadhaKrishn is an Indian mythological television Show produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary and directed by Rahul Tewary, which is being created by Swastik Productions. Mallika Singh and Sumedh Mudgalkar performers the lead roles in the show. The show is broadcast at 9 PM from Monday to Saturday on Star Bharat. Krishna taught the whole universe Love.

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