Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 31st January 2019 | Anurag Tries To Find Prerna | Written Episode Update

Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 31st January 2019

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay 31st January 2019Episode begins with Anurag getting cognizant at his home.

Mishka tells everybody that he got cognizant.

Veena gets some information about ruffians.

Mohini says see his express, this isn’t imped now. Anurag says no, who got me here.

Shivani says I have you here.

Mohini says guarantee me, you won’t place life in hazard.

He says Prerna is stuck in an unfortunate situation, she needs me.

Mohini and Nivedita stop him.

Mohini says I guarantee Prerna will be home securely, you need to guarantee me, you won’t go out without letting me know.

He says fine.

She says I will stay faithful to my commitment, Prerna will be back at her home securely.

She requests that the specialist give rest drug to Anurag so he can rest soundly.

Prerna requests that goons abandon her.

They tie her.

She gets stunned hearing Navin’s giggle. Navin goes to her and opens her blindfold.

She yells.

He says you are mine,

I needed to meet you,

I would not like,

I needed to do Anurag’s mishap,

I trust he bites the dust this time.

She slaps him and endeavors to run.

The goons get her.

Navin says so you love Anurag.

She says on the off chance that anything happens to Anurag, you will know my love for him and what I can improve the situation him.

Mohini asks Moloy to get Prerna securely home.

Moloy says indeed, we are going to meet ACP now, a debt of gratitude is in order for worry for Prerna, I m happy.

Moloy and Rajesh leave.

Veena expresses gratitude toward Mohini.

Mohini says give me some harmony, for what reason does Anurag need to secure Prerna dependably,

Prerna dependably traps Anurag, he met with mishap twice as a result of her, she is unfortunate.

Veena says the main mishap was finished by Navin, you can reprimand us, not Prerna.

Veena cries.

Anupam supposes I trust they both proposed one another.

Navin says it’s my error, I disregarded you and that is the reason this occurs, we will wed and afterward I will settle your family.

Prerna declines to wed.

Anurag envisions Navin.

Navin says Prerna is in my bondage, you can’t do anything now.

Anurag gets up and says Prerna.

The specialist says I need to give you an infusion, you will rest in the wake of taking this.

Anurag says I need to go and spare Prerna.

The specialist says you require rest, Mohini needs you to get fine.

Anurag says indeed, however released me this time, it would be ideal if you remain here.

I will pass by the window, I will return, I need to spare Prerna.

Specialist says when you meet Prerna, reveal to her that she is fortunate to get her.

Anurag says no uncle, I m fortunate that she is a major part of my life, I can’t lose her.

He passes by window.

Navin inquires as to for what reason don’t you love me, I love you so much, everybody will laud my love one day,

I left everything for you, what did you do, foul play, I left Madhuri for you.

Goons get pandit.

Navin asks him is he fine.

Pandit says I implore you, don’t do anything to my little girl, I will do as you state.

Navin says your girl is yours, nothing will happen to her, simply take the necessary steps advised to you.

He says sorry Prerna, I neglected to let you know, it’s our marriage today around evening time.

Rajesh and Moloy enlighten controller concerning Prerna’s capturing.

Reviewer inquires as to whether they have any uncertainty.

Rajesh says we got this data from Anurag, Anurag pursued the goons and after that met with a mishap.

Reviewer says then Anurag would know it.

Anurag comes there and answers.

Rajesh inquires as to for what reason did you come here, you ought to have rested.

Anurag says no, I need to spare Prerna.

He tells vehicle number.

Reviewer says we can discover her, don’t stress, we will give a valiant effort.

Rajesh says then do it quick, I need my little girl, spare her.

Anurag quiets Rajesh.

He says I feel Navin has done this, I have seen him in an emergency vehicle, he was near Prerna.

Reviewer asks who is Navin, do you have his pic.

Anurag demonstrates Navin’s pic.

Examiner says fine, don’t stress.

Prerna says Pandit Ji, don’t get me wedded to him.

Goon ties her once more.

Navin says don’t pressure, you will fall wiped out, quiet down.

Pandit gives him mahurat.

Navin asks Prerna to prepare.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 31st January 2019 Ends…

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