Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st February 2019 | Amyra Panics | Full Written Episode

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st February 2019

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st February 2019 episode start with Nimrats strolls to kulfi and asks did you truly need me wed Sikander,

Kulfi says indeed,

Nimrat says gracious I adore you so much, look I will give you so much love.

Sikander strolls to amyra and sees cake and enrichment and says goodness right it’s my birthday and goes embrace her and says you recollect my bday I cherish you,

Amyra says yes I did it, your bday was cheerful day for me, however at this point it will be most noticeably bad since I heard the most noticeably awful news today,you are going to wed awful nimrat aunt,

Sikander says Amyra tune in,

Amyra says look I made you this card, I made our family however you broke it, you completed the process of everything,

Sikander says hear me out I will always remember you, you are a piece of my life.

Amyra says I’m a piece of your life however you are my life,

Amyra begins having fit of anxiety.

Nimrat says yes Kulfi I adore amyra as well

I will give both you kids love,

Kulfi thinks Ma let me know did I do well.

Lovely says leave my child sikander leave,

Sikander says quiets down, princess breath,

Lovely says Sikander leave you will never get satisfaction, you don’t realize how to carry on with a glad life, you spread trouble,

Sikander says I’m glad, and I have two reason one it’s my bday and other you are leaving,

Iit resembles I’m brought into the world new, and hear me out, it’s my new life and I will have just great individuals and there will be a gathering tomorrow and amyra you are mine, my princess and don’t trust anybody,

I’m forever yours and you are mine and tomorrow my princess and kulfi will be with me in my gathering and Sikander leaves.

Amyra alarms,

Lovely says we must be solid child,

I will stop your dad.

Nimrat masterminds cake for Sikander.

Sikander sees her with a cake, she strolls to him,and says glad birthday, I made cake for you,

Sikander says please sad I can’t wed you, it was simply to keep Lovely very and I cherish just my children, if it’s not too much trouble I’m sad,

Nimrat says kindly don’t statements of regret, I will be fine don’t stress, your joy is mine,

Sikander says thankyou.

Nimrat thinks god how might I lose and leaves.

Kulfi strolls to Sikander and inquires as to why cake,

Sikander says it’s my birthday,

Kulfi says how didn’t I know and embraces him and wishes him, and says I don’t have anything for you, however will appeal to god that she gives you satisfaction.

Sikanders birthday, amyra there as well,

Sikander holds amyra and kulfis hand and cuts the cake,

Nimrat upset,

Amyra in tears,

Sikander takes favors,

Amyra sees Sikander and Nimrat and feels bad,she embraces her card and sees kulfi stroll to Sikander and give him a wrist trinket and says I influenced it when you to get furious take a gander at it and converse with god and all will be fine,

Amyra feels awful.

Nimrat strolls to kulfi and hits the dance floor with her, amyra doesn’t care for it,

Sikander sees Amyra remaining solitary and strolls to her and says by what method can my princess remain solitary will she please hit the dance floor with me, amyra says I don’t feel, as and leaves.

Nimrat goes to amyra and says I realize you are irate, don’t converse with me yet tune in and on the off chance that you don’t praise your bday with father he will dependably think you spilt his bday.

Amyra strolls to Sikander, and grins and asks will he hit the dance floor with him,

Sikander takes a gander at nimrat, nimrat grins,

Lovely strolls in and sees Amyra kulfi and Sikander moving.

Nimrat sees lovely and goes along with them move.

Lovely strolls to Nimrat and acclaims.

Lovely says OK nimrat let me know did you discover my home for a readymade spouse and kid, and you sikander you are here praising satisfaction, so did you tell everybody, so individuals you are here, to meet nimrat, she needs to have my spot in this house, so give colossal round of extols to sikanders third wife nimrat, cmon Nimrat make proper acquaintance, visitor begin tattling,

Lovely says yes he will wed once more,

He is exhausted with me currently, see spouses are toys, so he is bringing another one, meet the new toy, I mean his better half, all fresh out of the box new.

Lovely says Sikander for what reason are you so irate,

I shouldn’t share this, I’m sad, genius, continue wedding,

Sikander strolls to her and says I chose I won’t flee from my issues and a debt of gratitude is in order for giving me a chance and yes wedding you was a misstep, miss Lovely chadda can simply play diversions, she never gave me satisfaction, and you could talk a little truth about Nimrat there are extremely less individuals here like her who consider others and not egotistical thus yes Im wedding Nimrat,

Amyra begins crying.

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st February 2019 ends

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