Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th January 2019 | Gunjan Proposes Sikander And Nimrats Marriage |Full Written Episode

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th January 2019

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 30th January 2019 Episode start with Kulfi hears gunjan talk about remarrying Sikander with Nimrat,

Bebe asks gunjan did nimrat converse with you about it,

Gunjan says no she didn’t yet I realize she will concur,

Bebe says I realize you need useful for Sikander,

Gunjan says look he will love nimrat, on the grounds that there is no expectation

left in this marriage now,

Lovely hears that and cheers.

Mohendar and Sikander talk about circumstance.

Lovely says to Bebe and gunjan that we aren’t separated yet and you discussing his marriage, summon Sikander right,

Kulfi says kindly don’t wake him up he just dozed,

Lovely says quiets down you are the issue, and you see your mother in this nimrat right,

Nimrat says please not kulfi,

Lovely says quiets down all, and kulfi you are companions with Amyra yet at the same time you let nimrat state thus you never can be companions with her,

What’s more, call Sikander I will accept just when he says this connection is finished.

Sikander and Mohendar exit,

Kulfi embraces him and says don’t be irate you will ruin your wellbeing,

Lovely asks are you fine Sikander please take a gander at me,you said you won’t end our connection, however look your family,

Sikander says stop I will answer you,

Sikander makes a call to councilor and says make your report I need this separation, nothing can encourage us.

Sikander says lovely you generally talked about crushing us and two days spirit you left saying we aren’t as one any longer and for last time

I’m tuning in to you, you won and I lost, yet only for the last time,

Lovely says spouse wife continue battling,

Sikander says I was your slave and now not any longer,

You have crossed all cutoff points now, you needed me to pick right,

I pick kulfi and end this marriage.

Sikander demonstrates Amyra her crown and says recollect you broke it and I patched it yet in the event that it breaks again I can’t figure out how to retouch it as is the connection between your mother and me and nothing can spare us,

I made a decent attempt, to keep us together however at this point I wouldn’t i be able to lost everything, this separation needs to occur,

Amyra says father you can’t do this, you guaranteed me family no 1,

Sikander says I love you, I can’t pick both of you,

Sikander says no you don’t need to, we will give you our time one by one,

Amyra takes a gander at Kulfi and says you will be with my father constantly and I will get half, all of you did this to remain with one another,

Father you separated from mother to remain with Kulfi,

Kulfi you made my mother father and me cry, I abhor you,amyra flees.

after 15 days,

Sikander sees a card sneak in his entryway, and numerous such cards as of now there, he gathers them,

Kulfi emerging of the entryway,

both feel one another,

Kulfi begins singing,

Sikander grins listening her melody,

All sitting tight outside sikanders space for him,

Sikander opens the entryway and joins her sing,

Kulfi says you are furious right so you secured yourself room and didn’t converse with me,

Sikander says no dear you aren’t to blame,

Each individual is in charge of their trouble,

What’s more, I need to assume liability of my slip-ups and do things right,

First I will take separate,

Nimrat upbeat.

kulfi says I’m going to call amyra, S

ikander says not presently,

She is disturbed I will persuade her later.

Kulfi helping gunjan in kitchen,

Nimrat joins kulfi in kitchen,

Gunjan says kulfi you make parathas however call me before cooking them, come nimrat.

Gunjan asks Bebe and Mohendar to converse with Sikander about Nimrat,

Bebe says we should give him Time,

Mohendar says gunjan is correct we require love,in our life,

I will converse with sikander,

Gunjan says best thing is sikander and Nimrat she will bring bliss back in his life.

Mohendar converses with Sikander and says once this separation consider your future,

Sikander says no ways, such a lot of transpiring on account of my last missteps and I as of now have two young ladies throughout my life, my everything life is for kulfi and Amyra,

Mohendar says and in the event that somebody needs to be a major part of your life I mean children will grow up and you ought to have somebody in your life as well,

sikander says I had in,y one when I loved and I left her and now I can’t.

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