Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th February 2019 Full Episode Update | Lovely Learns Nimrats True Face

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th February 2019 Full Episode Update

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th February 2019 episode start with Sikander Strolls To Nimrat And Says I Trust You Will Take Care Of My Kulfi Amyra And My Family And Give Them The Joy They Merit,

Sikander Strolls To Nimrat And Says I Trust You Will Take Care Of My Kulfi Amyra And My Family And Give Them The Joy They Merit,

Kulfi Takes A Gander At Star And Says Ma State Something Is This Right.

Kulfi Keeps Running Behind Amyra, Amyra Gives Her, Her Frill And Says You Grabbed Everything, My Entire Family,

Kulfi Says I Did This For His Joy, He Was Stressed,

Someone Needs To Care For Him,

Nimrat Aunt Will Care For Him And Give You Love As Well,

Amyra Says For What Reason Will She,

She Doesn’T Love Me And I Have My Mother And You Had Me And Father Then For What Reason Did You Pick Her And Not Me,

Kulfi Says What Is The Major Ordeal I Simply Made Her Stop,

She Doesn’T Panic Me.

Amyra Says Kulfi You Have Everything Now And Will Let Him Know Too That You His Girl,

Kulfi Says I Have Guaranteed You,

Thus Will Never Let Him Know,

Also, He Is My Dad And I Did This To Care For My Dad.

Ikander Embraces Nimrat,

What’S More, Takes A Gander At Lovely And Approaches Nimrat For A Move,

Lovely Sits Down Aside And Begins Drinking,

She Strolls To Sikander Alcoholic, And Says What An Execution,

You Never Hit The Dance Floor With Me At Any Rate Acclaim For The New Couple Around The Local Area,

Sikander Holds Lovely While She Slips.

Lovely Vomits On Nimrat,

Kulfi Races To Lovely And Asks Is She Fine.

Nimrat Supposes Someone Take Care Of Me As Well And Says I’M Fine I Will Go Chnage.

Lovely Says Amyra Child I Love You I’M Fine,

What’S More, Everybody Slacken Up Generally So Genuine,

Come How About We Have Drink,

No I Will Have At That Point,

Lovely Begins Moving,

Sikander Holds Young Ladies And Approaches Them.

Lovely In Overhang Sits And Continues Drinking,

Kulfi Strolls To Her And Says This Beverage Isn’T Great,

Try Not To Have It,I Will Get You Water,

Lovely Says You Are My Enormous Issue,

Furthermore, You Made Sikander Wed Sikander Extremely Great,

Kulfi Says Please Tune In,

Lovely Says You Think You Won,

Be That As It May, Lovely Will Never Give You A Chance To Win,

What’S More, What You Have Done,

You Should Reimburse, And Leaves.

Lovely Hears Nimrat Whine,

What’S More, Says First She Wedded Sikander And Now I Will Wed Him And She Will Cry,

Gunjan Didi Supposes She Got Me Here,

However, I’M The Ace,

Her Companion Says You Are Frantic You Made His Tattoo As Well,

Nimrat Says I Tricked Them On This Tattoo,

Also, That Kulfi I Abhor Kids However She Is So Natural To Be Tricked,

What’S More, My Name Namrata I Even Transformed It To Nimrat For Sikander,

What’S More, When I Wed Him, I Will Toss Everybody Out,

First Those Two Young Ladies,

Amyra And Kulfi Then Everybody.

Kulfi Converses With Nimi And Says Ma My Stomach Is Hurting Encourage Me, As Though Something Isn’T Right.

Lovely Exits Pondering Nimrats Words, She Sees Sikander And Strolls To Him.

Mohendar Says Sikander Don’T Think Much,

All Will Be Fine, Lovely Says Sikander, And Begins Snickering,

Kulfi Hears Her Voice And Keeps Running Inside,

Lovely Says Congrats Sikander,

Whatever Is Going On Is So Right, You Merit This,

Furthermore, Sings Glad Birthday For Him, And Leaves.

Amyra Takes A Gander At Sikander Exasperates.

Amyra Goes To Amyra And Says Mother For What Reason Did You Do This,

You Guaranteed Me My Family Yet Father Will Wed Awful Aunt,

Lovely Says Child Don’T Squander Your Vitality In This, Infant Don’T Cry,

Amyra Says Mother It Was My Fantasy Of Upbeat Family And It’S Finished,

Lovely Says Love I Disclosed To All Of You Will Be Fine, Come To Mother, We Need To Grab Your Father,

Amyra Says Mother You Will Break This Guarantee,

Lovely Says No Ways, Infant I Swear On You,

I Will Recover Your Father To You,

You Will Recover Your Life,

I Will Utilize Kulfi To Toss Nimrat Out Of Here And After That Something Like This That Your Father Will Toss Kulfi Out Of Your Fathers Life,

Furthermore, You Will Never Need To Share Your Father,

Simply Trust Your Mother, Amyra Says Yes Mother I Confide In You,

Lovely Asks Will You Encourage Your Mother,

Amyra Says Yes Mother.

Nimrat Says Come Kulfi We Should Play,

Kulfi Says No I Don’T Feel Like, After Yesterday Scene,

Nimrat Says It Was Yesterday’S Thing Overlook It,

A Young Lady Strolls To Nimrat And Says Goodness God Namrata Where Were You Last Such A Significant Number Of Days.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th February 2019 ends…

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