Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th February 2019 Full Written Episode Nimrat To Perform With Sikander

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th February 2019

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th February 2019 Episode Start With Nimrat Chuckles Of Amyra And Kulfi And Says Both Of You Figure You Will Vanquish Me,

Also, Presently Listen Cautiously I Will Screw You Infront Of Sikander And You Won’T Almost Certainly Complete A Thing.

Kulfi Awakens Terrified Seeing Nimrat Aside.,

Nimrat Says Ok Listen You Like Keeping An Eye On Me Right,

So Today On I Will Keep An Eye On You,

Sikander Strolls In And Hugs Her,

Sikander Asks Nimrat Is Her Leg Okay,

Nimrat Says Yes Kulfi Gave So Much Love Is There Any Good Reason Why I Won’T Be Fine And You Individuals Have Given Me So Much Love And If Its All The Same To You I Might Want To Assume Kulfis Liability, Taking Her To Class,

Showing Her All That We Both Will Have Kulfi,

Kulfi Figures By What Method Will I Make Tracks In An Opposite Direction From This, S

Ikander Says Bless Your Heart,

You Completing A Great Deal As Of Now.

Sikander Says I Need To Go To A Capacity And I Will Be Regarded There,

Ustaad Is Additionally Coming,

Kulfi Gets Energized,

Sikander Says Sorry It’S Odets Work Kids Can’T Sing,

Nimrat Will You Chime In With Me,

Nimrat Gets Energized And Says Truly,

Sikande Leaves,

Nimrat Says Look What Occurred,

He Pick Me And Not You,

Kulfi Says It’S Not Your Name,

You Are Phony,

Nimrat Says Point Is He Pick Me And Not You,


Kulfi And Amyra In Greenery Enclosure,

See Nimrat Available To Come Back To Work And Talk About,

On The Off Chance That She Is Keeping An Eye On You We Should Change Plan,

Keep Her So Occupied With You That She Won’T Inspire Time To Go Through With Father,

Nimrat Says Do Anything You Desire,

You Got Zero Chance,

In Any Case Cmon Brisk We Need To Goi Need To Rehearse For Capacity.

Amyra Approaches Nimrat For Water,

Kulfi Requests Sustenance,

Amyra Says I Don’T Need Samosa,

I Need Chocolate Milkshake,

Amyra Requests That Her Assistance With Studies,

So Does Kulfi, Nimrat Says Young Ladies Consider Don’T Rationalize,

Amyra Says I’M Drained,

Kulfi Says Let Her Rest And I’M Extremely Ravenous,

Nimrat Starts Her Training,

Kulfi Exasperates Nimrat Intentionally,

Kulfi Amyra Says Alright,

Amyra Kulfi Hear Nimrat Take A Package And Chat Accessible As Needs Be Say Yes This Will Enable Me To Watch Out For Sikander And Yes I Recollect It Ruins With Water.

Kulfi And Amyra Open It And Toss Water In It,

Nimrat Strolls To Them And Chides Them,

Nimrat Indicates Sikander Young Ladies Tossed Water On Piano And State I Had Gotten It Uncommonly For You,

Sikander Asks Amyra Did You Do It, Kulfi Says No I Did,

Sikander Asks What You Did, Are You Lying For What Reason Did You Do It,

You Revere Music, Terrible Deed,

Kulfi Says I Didn’T Realized It Was Instrument I Heard Her Express It’S A Recorder To Watch Out For You,

So I Did It,

Nimrat Says For What Reason Will I And Did You Do This,

Since I Said I Will Gripe To Him, Kulfi Amyra State She Is Lying,

Nimrat Says I Can Substantiate Myself,

I Generally Record My Training For Development And You Can She These Two Were Disturbing Me,

Sikander Sees It, And Says I Know Amyra You Don’T Care For Her Yet You Shouldn’T Tune In To Older Folks And Kulfi You Prefer Her Then Why Carry On As Such,

Discipline Is Vital And She Is Doing This To Support You,

So Don’T Get Into Mischief,

Or Then Again Else I Will Be Irate.

Nimart Gives Young Ladies Cold Look,

Sikander Leaves, Nimrat Says I Let You Know, You Can’T Overcome Me And Soon You Will Be Far From Him And Me Close,

Presently Observe These Rings,

They Are Wedding Bands,

I Will Propose Him In Capacity Today,

And After That We Will Wed,

He Made A Game Plan In Birthday Party Thus He Won’T Deny Me,

Presently I Will Be Late,

I Need To Prepare Bye Young Ladies.

Amyra Begins Crying,

Kulfi Says Don’T Freeze,

She Is Nothing To Us,

Quiet Down,

I Trust Our Father Will Be Our Own She Can’T Remove Him From Us And Hugs Her.

Amyra Rushes To Lovely And Begins Crying And Says Kulfi Was Lying She Wont Take Our Baba However She Will Propose Father,

Lovely Asks What Did You Say,

Amyra Gets Terrified,

What’S More, Says Kulfi Said She Won’T Take Our Father,

Lovely Is Stun And Asks Amyra Does Kulfi Know Sikander Is Her Dad,

Amyra Says Yes.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th February 2019 ends…

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Details

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is a new show on Star Plus which will be produced by Gul Khan and Gorky’s 4 Lions Films. 4 Lions Films in collaboration with Producers Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot (Invictus T Mediaworks) will bring a new show on Star Plus which will be based on popular Bengali show, “Potol Kumar Gaanwala” on Star Jalsa.


  • Pallavi Rao
  • Shruti Sharma
  • Vidya Sinha
  • Aakriti Sharma
  • Anjali Anand

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