Read Naagin Season 3 10th February 2019 Full Written Episode Update: Bela Brings Mahir From Naaglok, And Confesses Love

Naagin Season 3 10th February 2019

The Naagin Season 3 10th February 2019 Episode Start Mahir takes out Naagmani from his chest and thinks this has spared me, I need to protect it, this is Naagvansh’s care.

He strolls in the wilderness grasping the naagmani.

He sits in the wilderness reviewing Bela pushing her.

Bela is scanning for him and harms her palm, her blood gets spread on the tree stem. Mahir likewise gets injured by a similar tree and sees the blood. He turns and takes a gander at Bela remaining there.

Bela likewise grins and takes a gander at Mahir.

Numerous snakes come there and reveal to Bela that she is fouling up. They draw close to Mahir moreover.

Bela thinks why they are not perceiving her.

Sumitra goes to the nook and sees a picture of a man made with smoke, says Bela doesn’t have a clue why her own kin conflicted with her. S

he doesn’t think about your forces.

She will get

vanquished and will come back with Naagmani.

We will take Naagmani from her hand.

Bela tells the snakes that she is their Naagrani and they don’t recollect her.

The snake men request that her stop it and request that her battle with them.

Bela says I won’t battle as I have the obligation to secure you.

The snake men attempt to get her, however, she stamps her feet on the ground and makes them fall.

Mahir likewise hits the snake men and keep running with Bela. They go to the side and cover up.

Mahir asks what was the deal? Bela asks Mahir ji. Mahir says I have recalled everything, I am fine.

Bela embraces him and says I had no other method to spare you.

Tere Sang Pyaar me… Mahir additionally embraces her.

She expresses gratitude toward Bhole Naath, and says I realize that nothing can transpire until Naagmani is with you.

She says I sent you here as this is Naag lok, and these individuals are mine, however they overlooked me. She says I would prefer not to battle with them, yet they… Mahir says I am yours as well, yet you battle with me. sumitra discloses to Rohini that they may be kicked out of Naaglok now. Rohini says we are wandering here superfluously.

Alek says each time you are pompous and expect things.

Amita contends.

Yuvi requests that what do. Sumitra says we need to keep an eye and sit tight for Bela, and once she comes here, we need to get Naagmani and offer it to Huzur.

Alek and Rohini ask who is Huzur.

Yuvi requests that they hear. Sumitra says Huzur is the Shesh Naag Vansh’s foe and needs to get Naagmani from Bela.

Amita asks what we will get.

Vish discloses to Vikrant that Bela can return whenever, however she is feeling that there is nothing directly there.

Vikrant says I am feeling that there is no reason to worry.

Vish asks since when he is trusting his heart.

Vikrant says soon after cherishing you and says he trust that they will return.

Vish trusts Mahir and Bela return.

She says we will send Bela and Mahir a long way from here so she can begin her existence with Mahir.

She says I have seen the spot, she can carry out her naagrani responsibilities from that point and requests that he think. She says everything will be simple for her.

Vikrant asks which city? Simply then Vish hears wind murmurs and reveals to Vikrant that somebody is watching out for them.

Alek goes out and reveals to Sumitra that Vish is taking Bela and Mahir to safe side once they reach there.

Sumitra requests that he watch out for them. Vikrant discloses to Vish that they need to go to various sides so no one can know where they will take Bela.

Vish tells that they have changed since they begun supporting great and tells that when Mahir was suffocating, she felt that she couldn’t spare him, and was separated from everyone else, except then she recalled Bhole Naath yet understood that the individual battling for good is in every case alone.

She battled and spared him. Vikrant says you have won as you had trust on yourself. Vish advances the show Jhansi ki Rani… ..

Mahir and Bela are in the Naaglok still.

Bela asks him not to turn. She says I know there may be a great many inquiries in my brain and it is authentic, and you may think how and why I am conversing with them like this, and why I am calling myself as their naagrani.

She says I generally state that I recognize what you need to inquire.

Mahir says I need to request that how get out from here.

He says I have a huge number of things to ask, yet first I need your wellbeing, I confide in you.

Bela says you said that you confide in me. She asks Bhole Naath to confide in them and requests that he close his eyes.

She hops down holding his hand and they go to the human’s reality.

Bela instructs him to be there at a protected spot and says she will tell where. She says those snakes were following some Huzur orders.

Mahir says we will part and go separate ways.

Bela requests that he give Naagmani. Mahir says no, and says he will keep it.

What’s more, goes. Bela sees a woman leaving a house and going to sit in the vehicle.

Bela turns into a snake and sits in her vehicle. The woman sits and begins driving the vehicle. Mahir likewise sits in the vehicle decky and goes. The woman converses with herself about her significant other and says all men are same, her better half needs to make her regular spouse and she penance her activity for him. Bela says I realize all men are the same.

The woman sees her and requests that her get down from the vehicle.

She inquires as to whether she is a psycho.

Bela says I was in the bistro and battled with my significant other, I saw your vehicle and sat in it. The woman presents herself as Ananya and says you don’t have the foggiest idea what my significant other Rohit had done in the bistro.

A FB is appeared, he asks what is Valentine’s day party designs… .

Ananya says she has a gathering with Harry.

He inquires as to whether she is praising it with him. She says no for the gathering. Rohit says you possess no energy for me currently, have time only for Harry. She exits from Café… .

Ananya asks Bela to sit and says she will drop her some place.

Bela says her better half supposes she generally do what she needs.

She tells that they will advise their words to her better half quietly and afterward hear them persistently and afterward do what they think right.

She requests that her arrival to Café and converse with him. Ananya says I don’t think Rohit will be there.

Rohit converses with his ex Poonam and educates her concerning Ananya.

Poonam requests that he quiet down and tells that Ananya is an expert lady and she has some work.

Rohit requests that her accompany the kids to go some place.

Poonam says children will be cheerful and asks him not to resemble an average spouse.

He inquires as to whether I am a run of the mill spouse.

Ananya goes to the Café… Waiters give her bundle.

Bela takes Rohit’s symbol and goes to her.

Ananya inquires as to whether you have done these courses of action.

Bela asks Rohit reveals to Ananya that today is her valentine’s day and requests that her end her work and commend valentine day with him.

She says thanks to him for comprehension. Rohit goes to the side and progresses toward becoming Bela.

Bela calls Mahir and tells about Ananya.

Mahir inquires as to whether she is wind too.

Bela says entertaining and informs him regarding Ananya.

She says Naags left from here, and we can help Rohit and Ananya.

Mahir discloses to her where Rohit is going? Bela says I am coming there.

Mahir says I am as yet fomented with you.

Bela says me as well and says I am coming there.

Bela thinks this love progresses toward becoming heart torment and after that cerebral pain.

She goes to the spot and takes up Ananya’s symbol and comes before Rohit’s vehicle.

Rohit stops the vehicle and goes to her.

She says hello.

Rohit asks what are you doing here? Mahir gets down from the vehicle and takes a gander at them.

Ananya says I have chosen not to go for a gathering on Valentine’s day and be with you.

Rohit says I need to hear this from you.

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Rohit embraces Ananya.

Mahir is stunned.

Bela signs Mahir.

Rohit offers to drop her, however she tells that she has her vehicle.

Mahir goes to her and inquires as to whether she can shapeshift.

She says yes and inquires as to whether he is irate. Mahir says you embraced more bizarre man.

Bela says I have done this for love, for Rohit and Ananya’s love, for our love.

She hears wind sound and tells Mahir.

Mahir says I won’t go. Bela asks do you confide in me? He says yes.

Vish and Vikrant leave haveli battling.

Vish says I am concerned for Bela and will go there.

Vikrant says I will go as I can think like Nidok Vansh being one.

He goes.

Alek as the snake is keeping an eye on them.

Vish sees him going and messages Vikrant, and asks him not to exaggerate next time.

Mahir and Bela travel some place. Mahir says it is a decent adventure and inquires as to why you didn’t ask Naagmani from me.

Bela says it spared you from Naags in Naag log and says I would have vanquished the naags here as I am… .

Mahir says Icchadhari Naagin.

He tells that I remember everything.

He says you came before me in your genuine symbol and recounted your story, why you came in the middle of people, to render retribution from me.

Bela says don’t advise that I need to deliver retribution from you.

Mahir says I can’t see the amount you would have loved Vikrant that you were prepared to execute everybody to render his lethal retribution.

He gets dismal.

Later at night, he requests that her reveal to her story.

Bela says when Naag or Naagin love each other they pledge to be with one another for some births.

She says I thought myself fortunate, however on that day, I saw Vikrant kicking the bucket before me, your siblings and companions shoot him.

She says they endeavored to attack me, yet I spared myself, yet I couldn’t spare him.

She says at whatever point I think about this, my injuries get new.

Mahir says you have fouled up by delivering retribution.

Bela says I had changed my face and came to render retribution with Vish’s assistance.

She says Vikrant was alive and never loved me, he was utilizing me to get Naagmani.

She says he was doing everything on Sumitra’s requests.

She stops and says your Maa.

Mahir says you can call her Sumitra.

Bela says Sumitra needs to take Naagmani, and I was reasoning that Vikrant was demise and rendering retribution for his passing.

Mahir says you were endeavoring to murder me at the same time.

Bela says I couldn’t execute you even in the wake of attempting and was reasoning why I couldn’t slaughter you, and figures out how to spare you.

She says Vish used to ask me for what good reason I couldn’t slaughter you, I never comprehended.

She says when I was with you, I felt total and never felt alone.

I loved you genuinely, that perfect partners love.

She says before I could advise and admit to

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Naagin Season 3 Details

Naagin Season 3 is One of the TV’s most successful shows and. it is the story of naag and naagin love and revenge with full of drama and action, We all Naagin fans/viewers can’t keep calm and have to shout it out to everyone.

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  • Mouni Roy
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