Read RadhaKrishn 7th February 2019 Full Written Episode: Krishna Exposes Vyomasur

Read RadhaKrishn 7th February 2019 Full Written Episode

The RadhaKrishn 7th February 2019 Episode Starts with Vyomesh faculties Krishna around.

Krishna supposes he will detect him just on the off chance that he needs to and discloses to Radha that Vyomesh is losing his control.

Radha inquires as to whether he will be hurt.

Krishna says nothing will transpire.

Vyomesh incites Krishna to turn out and acknowledge his test and demonstrate his machoism.

He detects Krishna all around and says why he will be he detects Krishna everywhere.

Krishna says he is all near and comes in front.

Vyomesh says Radha was correct, he is here itself.

Krishna requests to have a go at getting him.

Vyomesh keeps running behind him and comes up short.

Krishna snickers on him.

Vyomesh flaunts that he doesn’t have any acquaintance with him, he is beast Vyomasur with huge forces, on the off chance that he had known, he would not have set out to incite him.

Krishna says even he would not have incited him in the event that he had realize who is he.

Yashoda achieves home quietly.

Nand inquires as to for what reason is she coming quietly covering up.

She says she would not like to bother dozing relatives.

Nand goes up against that she had gone to his foe Vrishbhan’s home who asserted him wrongly, he saw her intersection Barsana’s outskirt with 2 young ladies’ assistance.

Yashoda says those 2 young ladies are their children Krishna and Balram.

Nand is entertained to hear that.

Vyomesh/Vyomasur keeps assaulting Krishna.

Krishna escapes over and over appearing false picture, at that point comes in front and demands not to hurt him, he understood his forces.

Ayan and Jatila reach there.

Krishna argues them to spare him.

Jatila discloses to Ayan that they should stop Vyomasur before everybody sees his genuine face.

Vyomesh assaults Krishna, Ayan salvages Krishna on time and inquires as to whether he is fine.

Krishna acts and expresses gratitude toward him and Jatila for saving him.

Jatila strolls before Vyomasur and solicitations him to leave before anybody sees him.

He says ruler Kans needs Krishna in any condition, he will slaughter Krishna and will show him to Kans.

He assaults Krishna once more.

Individuals accumulate seeing beast.

Vrishbhan asks what’s going on.

Radha says Vyomesh is Vyomasur.

Vyomesh takes his beast structure.

Yashoda advises Nand that Krishna told a major debacle is anticipating Barsana, so he asked entire Vrindavan to help Barsana.

Gatekeepers advise Nand that a beast has assaulted Barsana.

Nand says he will secure his companion Vrishbhan and Barsana and requests accumulate entire Vrindavan vasis and with weapons head towards Barsana.

Vyomesh keeps making devastation.

Balram discloses to Krishna the time has come to end Vyomasur directly here.

Krishna says they ought to send residents to a protected spot first.

Vyomasur catches Radha.

Vrishbhan goes to her salvage.

Balram races to support him, however Krishna stops him and says they ought not meddle when 2 companions are rejoining.

Vyomasur assaults Vrishbhan and he falls aside.

Nand acts the hero.

Vrishbhan gets enthusiastic.

Vyomasur lifts Radha and takes off.

Krishna thinks Vyomasur set out to capture love devi, he will be killed today without a doubt.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that nature has given human a unique power than others, memory control which helps human a great deal, it even gives awful involvement to human, which drives human to the way of vengeance; one should utilize memory for good recollections for serene and better life.

RadhaKrishn 7th February 2019 Ends

Recap: Radha Krishn 7th February 2019 6th February 2019 Powerd by Starbharat

RadhaKrishn Details 

RadhaKrishn is an Indian mythological television Show produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary and directed by Rahul Tewary, which is being created by Swastik Productions. Mallika Singh and Sumedh Mudgalkar performers the lead roles in the show. The show is broadcast at 9 PM from Monday to Saturday on Star Bharat. Krishna taught the whole universe Love.

Cast :

  • Sumedh Mudgalkar / Himanshu Soni as Krishna
  • Mallika Singh/ Shivya Pathania as Radha
  • Basant Bhatt as Balarama
  • Reena Kapoor as Yashoda
  • Akangsha Rawat as Kirtida
  • Rakesh Kukreti as Vrishbhan
  • Rushiraj Pawar as Ayan
  • Falaq Naaz as Devki
  • Malini Sengupta as Jatila Devi
  • Nimai Bali
  • Gavie Chahal as Nanda Baba
  • Arpit Ranka as Kansa
  • Dhriti Goenka as Vishakha
  • Harsh Vasishtha as Sridhama
  • Vasunddhara Kaul as Rohini Devi
  • Saurabh Raj Jain as Narrator
  • Meghan Jadhav as Vyomesh/Vyomasur

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