Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2019 Full Written Episode Update: Naira Takes the Right Step

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2019

The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2019 episode starts with everybody requesting that Naira open the entryway.

Naksh says we will go now Kirti, we will return, Naira is much disturbed at this point.

Kirti reviews Krish and stops.

She says Naira please given me a chance to take my infant in arms once, wrong occurred with you and me, simply given me a chance to take him in my lap once.

Naksh says she is much disturbed, we will come later.

Kirti says Naira, I know you are disturbed, given me a chance to hug Krish once, I swear, I will give him back to you.

Manish inquires as to for what reason did you do this. Dadi asks Kartik where are you going.

Manish says let him go, we will get progressively irate seeing him, consider Naira and Kirti, whom he swindled.

Naksh says we will return later.

He takes Kirti.

Naira deals with Krish.

Kartik strolls out and about and cries.

Yeh rishta kya… .plays… .

Kartik sees Naksh yelling on him.

He is sorry.

He considers Naira.

He glances around and goes behind a tree.

He says pardon me Kirti, Naira.

Naira cries and hugs Krish.

Kartik says pardon me and strolls out and about.

Everybody comforts Kirti.

Bhabhimaa says what do I implore, for which little girl.

Devyaani says truly, in the event that we appeal to God for one, what will occur with another.

Its night, Kartik meanders out and about.

Naira makes Krish rest.

Its morning, Naira remains alert reasoning.

Kartik is as yet strolling out and about.

Everybody thinks what is Naira experiencing.

Akhilesh says Kartik demolished all relations and joy on the double, in what manner will we deal with this.

Dadi thinks where is Kartik.

She appeals to God for him. Naira makes Krish prepared and says I have dressed you up, you look so adorable, I will take you far.

She packs his stuff. She gets Kirti’s infant tag.

She thinks about Kirti’s words and cries.

Kirti says let me meet my infant once.

Bhabhimaa requests that her come please.

Naksh says we will return later.

Dadi says Kartik didn’t return.

Manish says its better in the event that he doesn’t make a mockery of his face to anybody.

Naira turns out and gets out Kirti.

Naira strolls to Kirti.

Everybody looks on.

Naira says you said you needed to take infant once and after that arrival him in the wake of showering love on him, I m beyond any doubt you won’t most likely give him, will I take him back, regardless of whether you be the greater individual and give me krish, however how might I grab a child from a mum, don’t have a clue what did Kartik think and give me infant, yet I can’t keep you both away, I pondered it throughout the night and took a similar choice that I won’t give Krish back, I gathered my pack and after that I altered my opinion, I cried a ton and got displeasure, at that point I addressed myself and place myself in your place, I figured what might I do on the off chance that I were in your place.

She says Krish is Naksh and Kirti’s child, just they have the directly on him.

She asks Kirti to take the child in arms.

She requests that hirelings bring everything from infant’s room and keep it in Naksh’s vehicle.

She holds Krish and swings to go.

Krish holds her finger.

She cries and escapes.

She says Krish has discovered his folks, I won’t let my misery fall over your joy, I guarantee. Everybody cries.

Naira goes crying.

Lagta hai sab kuch… ..plays… .

She falls on the bed.

Dadi averts terrible sight from Kirti, Naksh and infant.

Dadi apologizes to them for Kartik’s misstep.

Manish says Kartik doesn’t merit any pardoning, I need everybody to know this with the goal that they don’t excuse him.

Dadi says don’t know in which state he is.

Manish says don’t take his name.

Kirti says sorry, I didn’t wish to occur, if it’s not too much trouble apologize to Naira for my benefit.

Naksh says I feel regretful to grab infant from all of you, however you will have all rights on him.

Kirti says I can’t overlook Naira’s huge support.

Naksh and family leave. Manish says I m cheerful for Kirti, and miserable for Naira, alongside the child, Naira has lost her grin and satisfaction, its our duty to deal with her, when her better half isn’t with her, significant other has given her much torment.

Akhilesh says Naira’s specialist said she shouldn’t get any stun.

Manish says Kartik has given her a major stun.

They go to Naira.

Dadi stops and says where are you Kartik, return soon, your Naira needs you seriously.

Kartik sees Naksh and Kirti going in the vehicle.

He sees Krish with Kirti.

He says the child is with Kirti, Naira offered infant to her, what might she experience.

He pursues the vehicle.

Naksh and Kirti see him. Kartik apologizes.

Naksh says get lost, don’t demonstrate to us your face once more.

Kartik yells Naksh… ..

He reviews Naira’s words.

He says I need to go to Naira, child isn’t with her.

He keeps running out and about.

A truck comes and hits him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2019 Ends..

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th February 2019 Precap: 
Naira thinks I didn’t see my baby, why did he snatch my rights. She sits under shower and cries. Dadi asks where is Kartik. The man says he was run over by a truck. Dadi gets shocked.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Details

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a Hindi language television drama. It is produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut Productions It premiered on January 12, 2009, on Star Plus. It is India’s longest-running TV serial-based on episode count. The show focuses on the daily life of an Udaipur-based Rajasthani family. The show’s lead characters are Naira (Shivangi Joshi) and Kartik (Mohsin Khan). The series initially focused on Naira’s parents Akshara (Hina Khan) and Naitik (Karan Mehra).


  • Parul Chauhan
  • Medha Sambutkar
  • Lata Sabharwal
  • Karan Mehra
  • Kanchi Singh
  • Hina Khan
  • Ather Habib
  • Vishal Singh
  • Vineeta Malik
  • Sonali Verma
  • Shivansh Kotia
  • Shivangi Joshi
  • Sanjeev Seth
  • Sanjay Gandhi
  • Sandeep Mehta
  • Rohan Mehra
  • Rishi Dev
  • Reet Sharma
  • Reem Sameer Shaikh

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